Energy performance certification

Energy is the biggest challenge facing humanity today. Energy crisis, climate changes, global warming and high pollution levels are the major problems that damage the whole globe.

Over the last years most of the countries have been adopting policies for the reduction of energy consumption and for an energy efficiency in order to reach the EU’s goals set for 2020.

Sustainability is our core business and the engine of our continuous improvement and growth process.

Nowadays every citizen should choose to adopt a set of attitudes which provide more aware use of energy without any waste. This means that you should also act both in your domestic environment improving the thermal insulation and the plant design.

CLEA Srl staff consists of the most capable Energy Managers and certifiers who got accredited and share the SACERT mission to promote energy certification of buildings. Our goal is to conduct a thorough energy audit, to identify possible improvements optimizing the balance between costs and benefits, and finally the implementation of such operations.

Thanks to our expertise and competence we are deeply satisfied to contribute with our work to build a "more sustainable" world and increase awareness of efficient energy use. Continuing and expanding investments in clean energy is our smart choice to meet the next generation of energy challenges and produce a foundation for an affordable, reliable, and clean energy alternatives.


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