ENOLA | Ground mount structures for photovoltaic panels

A green power production plant is a long-lasting investment over the years.

Our Operation & Maintenance management have specifically developed in order to ensure our client the best efficiency and performance of the plant during its operation.

The proven CLEA O&M Program depends on various elements, responds to the expectations and needs of the individual customers to ensure them flexibility and adaptability.

The O&M Program cornerstone is the “Remote Monitoring System” supported by periodic on-line inspections, through which invisible problems can also be removed and finally solved.

CLEA staff ensures a perfect maintenance of production plants thanks to special machinery. In order to optimize costs and relieve the clients of any fulfillment, our company provides customers with a complete package that includes:

  • a night surveillance system
  • a monitoring system to guarantee the expected production
  • an "All Risk" insurance

CLEA Maintenance package also includes the assistance in customs, feed-in tariffs, fiscal regulation mechanisms and tax practices for energy production and any compliance with GSE, the national Energy Authority that provides feed-in tariffs, and AEEG, the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas.

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