Power plants from renewable sources

CLEA's core business is the design, manufacture and management of industrial power plants as General Contractor.

Assignments include coordination and direct management of the activities related to designing, building and operating a power plant:

  • retrieval of financial resources
  • access to institutional grants
  • completion of the necessary administrative fulfillments
  • definition and stipulation of contractual structures
  • realization of the plant
  • operational management
  • maintenance and monitoring

Clients are relieved of the operation's complexity while at the same time guaranteed of a state of the art realization.

Thanks to privileged business relations with suppliers and through the work of a proven network of first-class industry professionals CLEA allows its customers to obtain considerable energy savings all the while keeping one single, skilled organization as reference.

Besides plant constructing our company is also able to monitor and follow every power plant in a maintenance program controlled through a proprietary software, allowing clients a perfect control and correct management of their power station.


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